The city is stirring…

Two years after the night of dreams, when the Red Court fell in fire and flames.

There are whispers of what happened that night, what is certain though is all the Red Court Vampires in the world died that fated evening. Two years later there are still power vacuums that various factions work to fill, often at odds with each other.

In the Raleigh area corrupt government officials struggle to expand and grow the city, to make it a new beacon of knowledge and technology, all the while the powers that have been entrenched in the area would like nothing but to control or stop that unchecked expansion.

Strange disappearances have been reported, the Summer Court is reaching out to the Pagan religions in the area, mortal criminals are expanding their hold on the region and nightmares plague many of something ancient dragging the region into darkness.

Restless in Raleigh

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