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Here you will find important information on the city of Raleigh and its surrounding region.
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Ideas and Aspects of Raleigh
Cultural conflict between the old and new – Shifting Allegiances
That which sleeps should not wake – The Waking Nightmare
There is Darkness under those lights – If you want it, you can find it


Oak Grove Glade – Seat of Summer Court Power
Better Days Gold and Pawn – Front for the Hammerfist Gang
NC Museum of Art – Considered Neutral Territory for the City’s Supernaturals
Oakwood Community – One of the oldest neighborhoods in Raleigh
The Warehouse Districts – A place where both crime and trends bubble up
Saint Raphael of Raleigh – One of the city’s largest Catholic churches. A safe haven for all.




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Minor Talents & Practitioners

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Fairy Courts

White Court

Black Court

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